thank you, ruby ku.

Last week, I made the mistake of meeting Ruby at Starbucks/Chapters to catch up. Since then, I've been unable to focus or concentrate on my exams and overdue assignments (not that I was concentrating all that well on them in the first place).
We talked about partnering social action with various aspects of design, creative forms of consulting, and becoming 'social consultants' (Google that, I dare you... spoiler alert: there's nothing relevant!).
To the right is Ruby's interpretation of me and a few of the random things I would love to pursue (a small sampling, if you will). From this scrap of paper came some serious ideas and inspiration for the future - which is why I felt the need to share this here. Taking time out on a Sunday night in the midst of exam and piles of 'to do's wasn't a mistake, I'm looking back at it as a step forward.

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Amy said...

Don't you love how things like this crop up at times such as these? What can you do, right? Glad you found some ideas and inspiration!