Аліна (Alina) is fourteen years old, and was known to Jessica, Miri, and I as 'little Alina.' This was simply to differentiate Alina from an older Alina. [The older Alina being the infamous 'Alina Boss,' a well respected figure amongst the Інтeрнат girls and staff, one who was an incredibly huge help to the three of us throughout the summer.]

While going through the Інтeрнат documents in July, we learned that Alina's parents lost custody of her several years ago. This 'route' [loss of custody] is shared by several of the girls; many are not actually orphaned. Many simply have parents who are unable to care for their children due to addictions, poverty, or other similar circumstances.

As Alina is fourteen, she is grouped in the third 'class' of girls. Favourite activities of Alina (as well as the other girls in her class) include arts and crafts, singing karaoke, enjoying time outside in the courtyard or at the Інтeрнат park, playing badminton, and watching movies and television. This is all in addition to hours upon hours spent listening to music and, of course, dancing!

Alina seems to be an introvert, as she tends to be in the background of larger group situations. She is hilarious without seeking extra attention, her mannerisms and quirks crack me up (for instance, her nonchalant attitude towards the bizarre sunglasses we brought). Alina has a matter-of-fact way of being; she is laid back and patient, a positive member of her class.

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