100 words or less: since Ukraine.

Home. Unpacking. Culture shock. Adjustments. Reunions. Decisions. Really, really big decisions. India. Planning. Uncertainty. Packing. Waterloo. Moving. Final semester of my undergrad career (woo!). Questions. More adjustments. Stress. Questions. Lots of 'em. Action. Unpacking... again. Frustrations. Learning. Reflection. Classes. Learning. Loving. Constant reflection, constant education, constant exploration.

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amanda van der heiden said...

so i was flipping through my "teen study bible" the other day, which is filled with a whole lot of book marks and one of them happened to be a card from you from way back when you were at redeemer and we had moments of notes back and forth. just thought i'd throw the thought out there that it was a good reminiscent moment for me... hope things are well with you! sounds like you're traveling loads and keeping life on the go. i haven't creeped around this blog too much (i figured i'd done enough creeping just finding it off facebook) but i do thoroughly enjoy the "constant reflection, constant education, constant exploration" in this entry. not a bad philosophy of life.

anyway, have yourself a wonderful day - enjoy the early signs of fall!