overwhelmed, to say the least.

Truthfully, I should not be posting anything right now - I should be studying for my Ukrainian test tomorrow morning. But since I'm being truthful and all, I'll admit that I am having an incredibly difficult time focusing on vocabulary and verb conjugation. My head is still spinning, in a variety of ways, from our first Internat experience.

Jessica and I boarded the bus to a small village just outside of Ternopil. Our tutor Oksana (an amazing help!) accompanied us, acting as a translator/mediator between the two of us, Irina (the fourth or fifth Irina that I have met in my two weeks in Ukraine!), and the girls who swarmed around us constantly.

Several girls immediately latched onto the two of us, before we even walked into the courtyard. As we were given an introductory tour, both Jess and I had at least one girl holding our hand or clinging onto one of our arms the entire time. We will be returning tomorrow morning (after we write our tests) for a 'concertka' that they are hosting. We have one final week left of classes at THNPU and will be working at the Internat daily beginning in June.

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noela said...

Well you probably should be studying but I have to say your followers are reading & we appreciate knowing how your much anticipated visit went today at Internat. We certainly appreciate your photo too! It is nice to see such welcoming faces. What a blessing to have the internet for communication. Hopefully it didn't take you away too long from studying. I'm so glad that you have this service with your host family since it provides more opportunity for us to hear about your activities. Good Luck with test!