seeing as I have a final tomorrow... I'm posting.

I have just one day left as a student at THNPU. All that is left of my life as a Ukrainian university student is our final exam tomorrow morning, which is made up of a two hour written test as well as an oral interview with our professor Laryssa. Obviously, I should be cramming for this. Which is why I felt the need to update my blog... as always, I would rather do anything but study.

Consider this just a brief update on the past few days:

- a day trip to Кам Янець Подільский (Kamyanets Podilsky) I posted a few photos the other day, but they hardly do the scenery any justice.

- Class until 11:30, and spent my afternoon between a doctor's office and a Ukrainian hospital. I had hurt my ankle last week and kept walking on it... didn't think that it was anything to worry about. Turns out it was sprained. (This, of course, is the edited version of a much longer story! Which may or may not be posted later...)

- Took the train from Ternopil to Lviv to meet Miri, another student from UW who will be working with Jessica and I at the Internat until August.

- An average day at the універсітат - classes, another test, tutorials, and another hour of Пусанка! Afterwards Alison and I bought bus tickets for our upcoming excursion to Івано-Франківськ (Ivano-Frankivsk).

- Laryssa prepped us for our final tomorrow... I'm nervous...! Ira and I took the bus downtown to check in with the doctor who had assessed my ankle on Monday. I came home and had a gloriously long nap, ate dinner, and had a surprise call from my mom (Slava's reaction was priceless). Jessica just walked in the door, I'm assuming she is here to make me study for tomorrow... or at least procrastinate with me.

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noela said...

Nice up date...good luck with your final exam! Hope your last minute studying with Jessica works for both of you!

Michael Hayes said...


scott kline said...

hope to see you soon, jen. scott

j. said...

Noela - thanks! it went well!

Michael - yes... unfortunately, we wrote a final (and had an interview portion as well). Very nerve wracking! We will be in Lviv on Saturday - any recommendations of sights to see, things to do?

Scott - Jessica and I are confused... are you going to be travelling to Ternopil in the near future?!

scott said...

Jen and Jess, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your happy faces later on Thursday or first thing on Friday. We're in Kiev as of today, Tuesday. We'll be here until Thursday afternoon. We fly into Lviv.