sick of Сметана.


I have eaten approximately 76 omelettes since my first breakfast in Ternopil.
I have slowly warmed up to strange dishes such as varyneky and borsch, and even gotten used to espresso-sized cups of coffee.
I am incredibly grateful to Slava for the generousity she has showered me with over the last few months, but there are a few foods that aren't viable options in Ukraine.
What kind of foods, you ask? Look at my latest list for a better understanding of what my taste buds have been missing... Смачного! (fyi: the Ukrainian equivalent to 'bon appetit!')

Jen's Official Taste Bud Wish List

  1. Bowls upon bowls of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
  2. Cereal in general - Alphabits, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops, Honeycomb... it's all good.
  3. Carly's infamous grilled cheese sandwiches, with a large side of (free) ketchup
  4. a Large double-double from Timmy Ho's
  5. minimum 6L of glorious chocolate milk (Ukrainian dairy products do not agree with my body, with the exception of ice cream)
  6. salt and vinegar chips (of the vast array of unique Ukrainian potato chips... there is nothing that comes close to Miss Vickie's)
  7. Popsicles
  8. fish and chips... heavy on the vinegar, please
  9. a Chocolate Extreme blizzard a la DQ
  10. Garlic. Bread.
  11. a Spicy Italian sub from Subway
  12. popcorn so buttery it could only be found in a movie theater lobby...
  13. Cheese Capaletti
  14. SALAMI.
  15. "Oma" Pancakes, with sprinkles and maple syrup
  16. mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce
  17. onion rings
  18. granola bars (preferably chocolate-dipped)
  19. hot dogs... yes, that's right. Street meat? Yes, please.
  20. a Muffaletta sandwich (served fresh from the Black Hole Bistro)
  21. Rockets
  22. saltine crackers
  23. Skim milk... like I said, my body hasn't agreed with Ukrainian dairy. Unfortunately.
  24. Kraft Dinner
  25. Anything else that I can load with (complimentary) ketchup.
  26. freezies (blue, red, or peach)
  27. my momma's homemade waffles on a Sunday morning
  28. spinach dip... mmm.
  29. having a brewski or two with my dad and brothers, sitting on the deck with our dogs after a days work. Not necessarily a taste, but a taste of home that dirt cheap Ukrainian beer just doesn't compare to.


Jason said...

After reading that list, I find myself wanting/missing those foods and I *am* in Canada. ;)

Cheryl said...

I'll take care of the chocolate blizzard when you return - me, you and DQ upon your return! The 3 rugrats will be happy to share some of their KD with you.

noela said...

This list is too funny! I think Jessica has a similar list especially when it comes to cereal & milk.

j. said...

@Jason: think of it as a reminder to appreciate the little things!

@Cheryl: CAN'T WAIT! also, I hope your kids know I'll be home next week... they better be studying for their geography test, they need to review: Ukraine, Poland, Austria, and for Cohen's sake... Germany.

@Noela: she definitely does! when she gets home, ask her about the home food game that we play... this list was kind of inspired by it!