all the small things.

sometimes the little things turn out to be the bigger things, right? today I had the opportunity to check in with Lisa, who is our go-to girl at Intercordia Canada (one of the partner organizations of Beyond Borders). Lisa has played a huge role in assigning our individual volunteer placements over the fall, along with our professor Scott Kline at St. Jerome's. She has been an amazing help and resource this far (and so has Scott).
It was reassuring to meet with her over Starbucks (mmm... coffee... ) as I'm swept up in the minor details that keep piling higher and higher in preparation for this trip. 'Minor' details include renewing my passport, double checking if I need a particular visa while in Ternopil, whether or not any additional vaccinations or immunizations are necessary, and of course - the ongoing fundraising efforts! Lisa is a calming presence amidst all of this chaos and busyness, and her help and support is greatly appreciated. Merci beaucoup. Or... as they might say in Ukraine, 'Dyakuju!' (... Дякую)


canadiancat said...

WE love Lisa. And Marybee

Amy said...

It really is the small things that make the biggest difference. Like getting a facebook message from someone just checking in, or grabbing a coffee with a friend. We really have appreciated all the things that Lisa, Scott, Marybee and Joanne have done for us over the past 8 months. Thanks!!