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I have a pen pal currently teaching in Korea - some of you may know her as Emily Darling.
I was delighted to find a letter from her in my mailbox this morning, and this post is a result.
She's warned me of the 'Wanderlust disease,' which leads to a dramatically increased desire to travel.
Emily wisely pointed out that through travelling, experiencing new cultures, and meeting people from around the world, your eyes are opened to how creative God is.

wan.der.lust [ won der luhst]
- noun
- a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.


Krista said...

I love this word! It just sounds so wonderful. Also, I really like what your friend said about traveling, I very much hope that each of us experiences that wonder during this trip!

Michael Hayes said...
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Michael Hayes said...

Добре вечіп,

I am also going to Ukraine for Intercordia this summer, albeit in Lviv and not Ternopil.

I saw the link to this blog on the Intercordia website, and since you are going to Ukraine, I got excited.

You can see my blog at www.intercordia09.blogspot.com

canadiancat said...

Travelling is completely addictive! How can it not be really? And Europe, although large in size is so easily travelled by train that you can travel for an hour and go through 3 countries!!