Як сказати українською ...?

how do you say (fill in any common English word, phrase, question!) in Ukrainian? at this point in time -- I have absolutely no idea. My thoughtful mother gave me a wonderfully appropriate Christmas gift a few weeks ago: a Ukrainian phrasebook. (Thanks Momma!)

the only thing that I have memorized this far is Добрий день.
it might as well be written in an Asian font, as most of those symbols/letters are from an entirely different alphabet (Cyrillic)! any guess as to what this phrase even means?!
...I'll save you both time and confusion, and spit it right out: Добрий день means "Good day/afternoon," and is pronounced d0-bry den'.

I'm thinking flashcards may be my new best friend as I attempt to learn Українська (Ukrainian). Any tips?


Anonymous said...

I see that new book is your new fav and you are actually putting it to good use! I am excited for those phone calls where I can hear your new language.. maybe you can teach me a few words:)
Keep readin that book sista!
Who knew a small book would become your favourite christmas present.haha
love you!

Ruby Ku said...

haha that's an awesome gift!!! You and Jessica can practice with each other. Thanks for sharing!

Linette said...

what does the title mean?

j. said...

it means "how do you say... in ukrainian?"