One thing you may or may not know about me: my patience levels are extraordinarily low. I claim I was just 'born this way,' I was premature after all! But still, I typically look at what is ahead of me rather than focusing on the present. I'm big on anticipation.

Marissa pointed out that we have only 10 (10!) weeks before we depart for our placements. That being said, I'm getting antsy... I want to know when I'll be leaving, who I'll be living with, and whether or not I will have some time to travel and explore before coming home for a wedding mid-August.
Details are slightly up in the air, as my placement at the Internat with Jessica is now seperate from Intercordia Canada. From what I've been told this far, it is because the staff at the Internat prefers that we have Ukrainian language training; the language classes that we will take in Ternopil are not typical of other Intercordia placements. St. Jerome's is now in charge of booking our tickets, travel insurance, etc., rather than Intercordia.

I'm not sure what kind of other changes or alterations this means as of yet, as Jessica and I have to meet with Elyse (our wonderwoman at St. Jerome's), Joanne (our fearless leader and professor), and Myroslaw (dean of St. Jerome's) next week to sort through the details.


vorsteveld said...

I am also very antsy to know these things! I guess the 10 week mark hasn't really hit me yet though. I feel like there is so much I want to know but that this trip is still a distant notion. I guess not knowing is part of the experience, so Scott would say anyway, but it has me wondering 24/7 to the point where sometimes I just lay awake excited with all the possibilities.

Georgie_Bosnia-Herz_09 said...

OMG 10 WEEKS?!?!?!?! That's just SCARY!!!!

THere's so much to do!