more Українська!

Carly (aka, my darling sister) sent me a birthday card a few weeks ago... in Українська! I didn't know she was multi-lingual, but the Ukrainian content was courtesy of her Faulkner teammate, Maryna. Car was strict - she wouldn't (and still won't!) tell me what the Ukrainian message said; I have to translate it all on my own. Sneaky, eh!?
So far I've only gotten four (tres important) words: "Happy Birthday, Jen!" (obviously... it's a birthday card, after all) as well as the word "Ukraine."
I'm basically learning the Українська alphabet as I go along... and at this rate, I'll be turning 23 by the time I translate the rest of the card!

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John.Sp said...

you know, your whole blogging blows me away. Great blog!