Я Говорю по-Українськи Мова.

Here's a quick peek at what I have been studying over the last three weeks... the Українськи Мова, aka the Ukrainian language. I am adding a few words to my Ukrainian vocabulary each day - slooooowly but surely.


Linette said...

your handwriting is pretty in ukrainian too.

Miri said...

Yay! I started my Ukrainian lessons today, so maybe I will catch up with you someday, hahaha.

Jason said...

That's great! The extent of my Ukrainian is B = v

Totally not enough to be able to ride the Metro very well.

Taras said...

You have a great blog, Jen!

Thank you for coming to Ukraine and for your avid interest in our language and culture:)!

Formally, we say "я говорю українською мовою" or "я говорю українською." Informally, it's "я говорю/балакаю по-українськи."

Good luck in your further Ukrainian studies:)!