sickness and health.

My fourth day at the Internat has been unsuccessful... as I have yet to leave Slava's apartment yet today. My time with the girls was cut short yesterday, as I dashed back and forth between the bathroom and the classroom. Not good.
Miri took one look at my pale face and ushered me outside for a breath of fresh air. We decided to pack it in early, and I would head home to rest. I actually think that I had spent more time navigating the Ternopil bus system yesterday than I did at the Internat, which is unfortunate, but just another bump in the road.

Jessica has been ill as well, and my assumption is that I caught a bug from her...? Not really a big deal. Unless it was all the varenyky I polished off the night before! (I hope not - because I'm counting on eating varenyky regularly until I leave Ukraine!)

Whereever this bug came from, I'm kicking it back to the curb - deciding that it was best to stay home from the Internat today, take some meds and sleep it off. This minor setback may have been a blessing in disguise for my sprained ankle as well - to have some quality r&r rather than spending another day trekking all over Ternopil by foot.

Explaining my early exit from the Internat to Slava yesterday was challenging, and she spent a lot of time questioning and fussing over me before I could convince her that sleep would be beneficial. Thankfully Ira (granddaughter, not daughter-in-law... confusing to have two Ira's in the family) has been visiting, once again acting as our trusty translator. I have a feeling there will be some chicken noodle soup on tonight's menu (I have overheard the term "kyrko" more than once... meaning chicken), knowing Slava and how well she has taken care of me in the last month.

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