one month down...

It seems as though I have spent more than just one month here in Ternopil. I have a general grasp of the language - at least, I'm becoming a great little actress... I can sure pretend that I understand most conversations directed at me! I've gotten familiar with the transportation system - schedules are clearly overrated, and my sense of direction has improved. Slava's antics keep me entertained each day - my favourites are her aerobic routines and the "Richku" song (or is it an advertisement?!) that is always on the radio.
And, not surprisingly, I am already brainstorming ways to sneak a child or two into my suitcase home... the girls of the Internat definitely tire us out - maybe even drive us crazy - each and every day, but they are all worming their way into my heart at the same time. I think the growing attachment is inevitable, and leaving this rag tag group of beautiful kids will obviously be difficult. The words "be fully present" were often used in preparation for this journey [see past blog entries, you'll know what I mean], and are words to live by each day - take it as it comes and enjoy it while it lasts.

Miri, Jessica, and I spent some time together this morning listing questions to ask Irena (a supervisor at the Internat) and throwing out a variety of ideas. Definitely a successful brainstorming session, another step taken towards defining our Internat plans. The three of us have distinctly different talents and abilities (not to mention personalities!), and I know that we are all capable of accomplishing whatever goals we set for the weeks ahead - if we remain flexible and maintain a sense of humour. As we plan, we're going to have to live by the words of Ms. Frizzle herself, "Take chances, make mistakes!" (...Magic Schoolbus, anyone?!) ...We've got to start somewhere.

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