the great divide.


· More likely to identify selves as ethnically Ukrainian

· In the past, has been under the political rule of Poland, Lithuania, Austria, and Romania

· Due to history, Western Ukrainians under a more liberal rule, a more tolerant political environment... therefore greater freedom to develop own political and social institutions

· Rural, less development

· Lower population density compared to the East

· Highly value ties with the European Union


· Throughout much of Eastern Ukraine’s history,
citizens were under the rule of tsarist Russia

· Eastern Ukrainians lived under a repressive political
system in the past (Russian/Soviet control)

· Left wing political systems in place throughout history –
Communist, Socialist roots

· Therefore more industrialized, urban

· Higher population density in comparison to the West

· Many people in the East continue to speak Russian rather than Ukrainian

· Maintaining ties to Russia is of higher importance (left wing tendencies)

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