why service learning matters.

· “Faith without deeds is dead.”

· What’s the point of learning if you are not going to USE it?
· Responsible citizenship
· Action = good, reflection = better...
· Humanity – connections – relationships

· ‘Working towards a more peaceable world’
– Beyond Borders tagline

· What we OUGHT to do (Ought vs. Is)
· Morality
· Calling, purpose
· Sense of duty

· ‘Once you know what justice is, you have the obligation to act.’

· Idea of a social contract, norms, values...
· Belonging (greater sense of community?)
· Tasks of ethics (describe/prescribe)
· Taking time to understand a problem, better able to arrive at an appropriate solution... ?
· Engaging in dialogue, finding your own voice. allowing others to do the same
· Solidarity

(a note to Joanne... these are some initial thoughts and ideas, please do not consider this my 'final!' Thanks/dyakuju.)

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