quote of the day, v. II

"...When we encounter, we come to know.
When we come to know, we are able to understand.
When we understand, healing and peace can really grow.
Peace cannot be imposed by politicians or churches.
Peace has to grow within each person if it is to endure.
Our society can only be healed when each person in it is healed.
That healing comes not from avoidance or seperation, but from encountering."

Jean Vanier, Encountering 'the Other'

This concept of encountering the unfamiliar ties in especially well with the basic themes of Beyond Borders, as several of us will be attending a lecture on the life and service of Jean Vanier on March 6th at St. Jerome's. A number of the placements offered through Intercordia Canada are within the various L'Arche communities established by Jean Vanier. L'Arche aims to build solidarity, providing a voice and opportunities to those living with various disabilities.


Matthew Fox said...

Hey Jen, I really like that quote and I'm pretty stoked for his talk tonight at SJU. I just wrote a post and part of it talked about how I'm unsure if I will ever trully be able to understand someone living paycheck to paycheck. I'm just curious what you think... do you think "to encounter" is enough "to know"? -or do you think it needs to be "to experience" is "to know"?

j. said...

I don't think 'encountering' is enough to fully know... (is it really possibly to ever FULLY, really know? i think there is always more to learn/know) but is definitely a launching point.

but without any experience, an encounter isn't fully complete (in my humble opinion).

Georgie_Bosnia-Herz_09 said...

I LOVELOVELOVE this quote! It reminds me of the conversation Ruby, Maryam and I had at our Pancake Breakfast. Knowledge and understanding are key elements to peace. Governments don't create peace, PEOPLE do.
This also reminds me of our conversation we had on Sunday about relationships. You have to first have a successful one with yourself.
I think that this is an amazing quote that embodies what each of us hopes to get out of our Beyond Border's experience. We want to grow as people and become more at peace with ourselves. Our experience with BB will hopefully give us that experience that can help us achieve our goals.