let the countdown begin.

After meeting with Myroslaw Tataryn
(the dean and vice-president of St. Jerome's), Jessica and I now have a departure date set in place. We will be on our way to Ternopil in 62 days! The plan is to fly out of Toronto on May 9th, and we will stop in Vienna and Lviv before finally arriving in Ternopil to meet our host families on May 10th. Our language classes at the Hnatiuk Pedagogical University will begin immediately on the Monday (May 11th), and continue for three weeks. I feel that now that we know the 'official' departure date, a huge step forward has been taken. It's strange that having a set date makes the entire journey seem more realistic or believable; now we're able to put a deadline on those pesky to do lists and circle the date on our calendars as it is no longer up in the air. The trick now will be attempting to manage the anticipation (and nerves) for the next 62 days... trying to focus!


vorsteveld said...

I definitely agree that knowing the date solidifies this more. I am having a hard time focusing in class, and my mind is constantly circling travel thoughts. I think it will be even harder once school is done and for two weeks we will have no distractions for our anticipation, I feel like my mind will go haywire.

j. said...

i'm thankful knowing that i'm not the only one who is distracted!

Georgie_Bosnia-Herz_09 said...

If you ever lose focus remember that the more involved and busy you are the faster May 11th will come! I'm so excited for you; you know your date!!! I hope I find out when I'm going soon and that it's not on Mother's Day (my fav. holiday.. weird I know).

Let me know if you can meet me in Split on the 14th of August! :D

Michael Hayes said...

Very very exciting! I'm still waiting for my departure date.

Also, I found out that my language training will be in Lviv and not Ternopil.

canadiancat said...

I think that is when I will begin to get more excited about all this... once I have an intinerary and can plan the rest of my time.
It is coming up really quickly, huh